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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Aug 30, 2018 9:42am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dead & Co.

DSO is like listening to 1988 ability GD trying to play like 1972 GD. If those guys had the ability to play like Jerry did in 1972 they wouldn't be in a tribute band, they'd be making their own singular music. And personally I find that the "Phil" is DSO are totally off the mark. The GD were Jerry #1, Phil #2, Bobby #3, DSO is Bobby #1, Jerry #2, Phil #6.

I understand that playing GD music live on stage is incredibly fun. I do it, and I love it. We don't charge 150$ for a ticket, free usually. We're not top shelf musicians, but we groove it quite pleasingly.

I saw D&C at the Gorge in WA a couple of years ago, it was the best post Jerry thing I've seen. Still it was a teeny tiny little thing that I have zero desire to hear the recordings of . The vocals were actually the thing that separated it from all the P&F, Furthur, Other Ones, Ratdog, etc. They all do the same pointless round and round guitar jamming with no story, but at least D&C tried to make the vocals sound decent - you hear me Phil?

I can't listen to a webcast or any other recording, it just sounds flat and boring. I'm not sure how GD recordings would sound to me if I had never experienced what it really was like live, with a full PA blasting the music into one's DNA in a swirling atmosphere of psychedelics and a crowd going completely nuts because Jerry turned a phrase just slightly different than he had before. D&C is not psychedelic music at all. Actually none of the post Jerry stuff is, that part dried up and blew away with Jerry.